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CPD for healthcare professionals

Your Continuing Professional Development activities should aim to maintain and improve the standards of your own practice and also those of any teams in which you work. For healthcare professionals, CPD is one of the main methods used to ensure that you are keeping up to date with the latest developments and techniques within the industry. As a healthcare professional you are responsible for identifying your CPD needs, planning how those needs should be addressed and undertaking CPD that will support your professional development and practice.

CPD Certificates

As an accredited CPD provider, we can provide a Certificate of Attendance for all attendees after the conference. You can attach this to your CPD Log as evidence of development.

If you need a certificate, please e-mail the team at hello@intelligenthealth.ai

What does accreditation mean for me?

The formal CPD accreditation that was awarded to Inspired Minds means that they can issue formal CPD points to professionals who attend their events and that they have undergone a rigorous internal assessment. They are a trusted learning provider offering high quality, informative events which provide relevant and transferable skills.

How are CPD points assigned?

The general rule across all sectors is that 1 learning hour is equal to 1 CPD point
(sometimes referred to as credits or hours). This is with breaks and lunch time removed. Once you have received your formal CPD points upon completion you will be able to log them in your CPD record.

I don’t have a CPD policy, do I still need to do CPD?

CPD is important for any professional, some sectors are governed by a Professional Body or Regulator and all of these encourage, if not prescribe, that members undertake CPD. If you don’t have a formal CPD record to keep, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a personal one. Our research has shown that a CPD section on a CV can greatly improve employability prospects (The CPD Research Project 2010). Completing and recording formal CPD is a great way to demonstrate to your current or prospective employer that you work hard to keep up to date.

Is CPD recognised everywhere?

CPD is international and spans all sectors. The language can change across countries and not all sectors are regulated but CPD is one constant that is relevant everywhere. Keeping a record of your formal CPD can help you not only progress in your current role and keep up to date within your industry but it can also help with a career change across sectors or countries.

My CPD policy doesn’t require CPD points, can I still log CPDSO accredited learning?

Once you attend an event run by Inspired Minds, you can request a formal CPD certificate to log your points in your record. If you don’t need to record CPD points or credits, the certificate also comes with a reflective learning tool on the back to help you put together a reflective statement if you have an outcomes based CPD policy. Completing the reflective learning statement can also help you to ensure you get the most out of the training.

How did Inspired Minds become accredited?

To achieve the accreditation, Inspired Minds had to undergo a detailed assessment process, the CPD Standards Office reviewed their event content, delivery, speakers and internal policies. The events that Inspired Minds run not only offer engaging and relevant content, but are delivered in a way that ensures it is retainable and can be implemented in the workplace. The accreditation not only enables delegates to log formal CPD but also offers assurance that they are receiving a high quality and reliable service from a trusted supplier. We hope this guide was helpful, if you have any specific CPD questions please get in touch at info@cpdstandards.com