Get ready for two jam-packed days of health tech goodness, from applied AI case studies, to announcements from the tech giants, to nitty-gritty coding workshops, and of course, passionate debate on ethics and AI4good in health.

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THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE Where can AI take us with practical, real-world AI use cases

DEEP DIVE AI TECH TALKS Fundamental breakthroughs using AI which will change lives and reshape healthcare

REGULATORS PERSPECTIVES The evolving narrative on how you regulate a device that uses a self-improving algorithm?

MINISTERS PERSPECTIVE Addressing social and behavioural determinants for health using AI

CLINICIANS AND CMIOs PERSPECTIVE How can technologists convince clinicians and CMIOs that AI works and get them to use it?

CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT How to provide better insight into medical data to help healthcare consumers make more informed health decisions

CHINA How China’s tech giants are delivering smart health services, driven by the internet and AI

AI HEALTH TRANSFORMERS Hear from the CEOs and Founders of the most disruptive health tech companies of tomorrow

AI IN GLOBAL HEALTH The latest in population level application of AI in healthcare and tracking progress made towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals


How many global health problems can we solve using AI?

How can we disrupt old systems from a reactive model to a predictive and preventative model?

From coding to cancer- how can AI make its mark in healthcare?

How should we govern emerging technologies in healthcare?

How can AI be used to do the legwork and speed up drug discovery?

What are the tech giants and AI startups working on to get deep learning into hospitals, clinics and smartphones?

Where are the opportunities to improve clinical practice and augment the healthcare professional?

How can we use AI to shape the way we handle our future well-being?