Clinect Challenge 2 - Intelligent Health Clinect Challenge 2 - Intelligent Health


Broad AI solution to combat Obesity in Mexico

Obesity and overweight (O/O) are diseases defined as excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. (WHO, 2019).
In Mexico O/O affects around 7 out of every 10 adults. This impacts directly in health cost and expenditure, mainly because of the relationship with NCD. Government and public health institutions have tried to lower the disease impact by different programs, but it has been observed that the epidemic keeps growing.

We work in a Mexican pharmaceutical company specialized in obesity and overweight management, and as such, we are constantly looking for new technologies that could benefit the population.
Having observed that, we tried to determine which factors could be improved in medical and pharmaceutical fields, coming across with a project of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the precise and individualized treatment of Overweight and Obesity and it’s most common comorbidities, in the therapeutic areas of nutrition, exercise and pharmacological treatment, based in published medical papers, guidelines and medical information. We have been working in this project for the past few months and currently have a specialized team, including medical doctors and engineers, developing the solution.We are looking for partnership with AI developers, scientific journals, universities and other pharmaceutical companies, and we can commit to work together, have as many reunions as necessary, lead and manage the project, share our knowledge and current development in order to get the best solution possible. The project is thought to benefit patients through the recommendation of specific and personalized treatment, reduce expenditure in health caused by O/O and its comorbidities, diminish costs of medical and other health professionals training, shorten consultation time in services with high demand, improve research in this fields and other uses.


Dr Angel Olvera
Rossell MD, MHCM; Osvaldo Trujillo Torres BS, MSc

Medical doctor with postgraduate studies in human genetics, obesity medicine and master in administration of health organizations.