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“The Intelligent Health summit was energizing, uplifting and educational! It was the best of AI without the hype – truly about how AI can impact and improve the health of all people, across diverse geographies, diseases and resources. It was exciting to see how many clinicians participated.”

Dr. Mimi Huizinga, Vice President, Strategic Data and Digital, US Oncology, Novartis

“Intelligent Health 2018 has proven to be the right platform for us to address our Health target audience in terms of level and function. The content shared by an impressive speaker line-up had great quality.”

Anne O’Riordan, Senior Managing Director Life Sciences, Accenture

“It was excellent to partner with Intelligent Health 2018 to ensure a strong focus on leveraging AI for child & adolescent health... and to coordinate our efforts so that AI serves all of humanity”

Stefan Germann, CEO, Fondation Botnar


Novartis is a leading global medicines company based in Basel, Switzerland, with a history going back more than 150 years. We use innovative science, digital technology and new business models to address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide. Novartis products are available in about 155 countries and they reached nearly 1 billion people globally in 2017. About 120 000 people of more than 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world.

Visit Novartis Website: novartis.com

Join Novartis at intelligent health: intelligenthealth.ai/novartis


Intelligent Health


Novartis is a leading global medicines company based in Basel, Switzerland, with a history going back more than 150 years. We use innovative science, digital technology and new business models to address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide. Novartis products are available in about 155 countries and they reached nearly 1 billion people globally in 2017. About 120 000 people of more than 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world.


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Intelligent Health


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Intelligent Health


Canada, a global leader in Intelligent Health, is home to one of the most internet-savvy and technologically sophisticated populations in the world. Canada is highly competitive globally with the highest concentration of AI start-up companies and researchers and students of deep learning in the world. It’s computer science departments are among the top 5 Universities worldwide for fostering start-ups. As such, the Intelligent Health space is an important and rapidly growing field. It is a priority for the Canada economy as demonstrated by a close collaboration between government, industry, and academia to drive AI research and commercialization to be best in class. Visit our stand to find out more.

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Intelligent Health


Zühlke is the service provider for innovation projects. We combine business and technology competencies to solutions that inspire our customers. For them, we develop economically successful products, services and business models of the digital future – from the idea to implementation and operation. Around 1000 experts with experience from over 10,000 projects are committed to this. We have local teams in Germany, the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Asia and Switzerland.

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Intelligent Health


Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions—underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network—Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With 477,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

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Intelligent Health


Cambridge Consultants is a world-class supplier of innovative product development engineering and technology consulting. We work with companies globally to help them manage the business impact of the changing technology landscape. Medical technology is a core strength of our business. We’re not content just to create ‘me-too’ products that make incremental change; we specialise in helping companies achieve the seemingly impossible. Our teams help clients transform global patient care via enabling technology, focusing on developing tailored medical products for the unique unmet needs of patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Intelligent Health


Tackling disease starts and ends with understanding the biology. We need to know what the cells, genes and proteins are doing: What they communicate with; when; how; what happens as a result; and, more importantly, what happens when the natural process is disrupted, as is the case in disease, and how it will be impacted by treatment.


CytoReason turns human clinical data into a clear picture of the biology in action, uncovering disease and drug mechanisms of action and turning the biology into clinical edge, by delivering data-driven target discovery and drug development.


CytoReason’s access to unmatched proprietary and public data, combined with cutting-edge machine learning technologies, creates our unique biological models of disease, tissue and drug. These models form the basis for our unrivalled analytical process, delivering valuable IP in the form of novel targets, indications, combinations and biomarkers.

Intelligent Health


TPP provides software to transform health and care. Our suite of intelligent and intuitive products are enabling the next revolution in healthcare.

For over twenty years, we have been applying the most advanced technology to healthcare. Our systems provide a safe and secure environment to deliver care. They improve access to data when it is needed and they help make the best use of that data in order to empower clinicians and citizens to create the healthcare system of the future.”

Intelligent Health


Volv is a Digital Health & Life-Sciences company based in Switzerland. Using proprietary capabilities, Volv helps create digital medicines, decision support tools for clinicians and find patients with difficult to diagnose conditions.

Come and meet us at our stand B32

Intelligent Health


QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve performance outcomes for organizations.

In 2015 QuantumBlack became part of McKinsey & Company. Together, combining advanced analytics, design and engineering expertise with McKinsey’s industry knowledge and organizational change management experience.

QuantumBlack was born and proven in Formula 1 – where teams live and breathe data. Today, we are still fascinated by how a marginal gain can have a significant impact on the performance of any company.

Intelligent Health


Fondation Botnar is a charitable foundation based in Basel (Switzerland). They are joining world summit AI to promote the importance of AI for child wellbeing and health. The foundation will host a workshop to discuss the latest ways for artificial intelligence and the mining of big data to support and enhance children’s access to health and related services.

Intelligent Health


As the leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), OpenText offers companies the technology to digitize processes and supply chains and discover the value in their information with analytics and artificial intelligence. With OpenText, organizations can derive business insights from their structured and unstructured information. OpenText enables the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise.

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Intelligent Health


Codete is an IT consulting and software development company. Helping enterprises to use emerging technologies such as Big Data & Data Science to create a powerful business advantage. We advise on digitalization and implement IT solutions combining top quality with being agile. Since 2010 we create dedicated teams of engineers and consultants for customers. Codete operates globally in a variety of business verticals such as Fintech, E-commerce and Retail, Travel, Healthtech, Advertising and Marketing, Automotive, Logistics, Media and Entertainment. Our customers are in majority tech scale-ups and multinational corporations from DACH Area, US, Nordics and UK. We are also involved in cooperation with top technology universities internationally in the area of Data Science R&D.

Come and meet us at our stand B44

Intelligent Health


From digitising paper records to joining up data across organisational boundaries, getting the most out of data can seem like an impossible challenge.

At IBM Watson Health, we can help you extract value from your data. Our actionable insights help you free up more time to care, make efficiencies that can reduce costs, and unearth intelligence to help improve population health.

We support over 800 organisations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Around the world, we collaborate with clients and partners, informing their decisions as they touch 295,000 patients and citizens.

We draw on decades of IBM’s global experience, and combine data- driven drawn from data-driven analytics analytics and advisory services with advanced technologies such as AI, to give clients the innovative answers they need.

Intelligent Health


NVIDIA is the AI computing company. Its invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing. NVIDIA is leading the way for AI-enabled Healthcare and, with their Clara platform, is accelerating data acquisition and integration, as well as enabling deeper insights into the constantly growing amount of medical data.


At “Intelligent Health” NVIDIA will be represented through DALCO AG who designs, builds and supports high performance clusters for the Healthcare market.

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Intelligent Health


DALCO AG is a leading provider of High Performance Computing solutions in Europe. DALCO specializes in the design and implementation of cluster-based supercomputers utilizing the Linux operating system. The company delivers hardware solutions customized to meet customers’ exact computing requirements. DALCO’s brand is associated with quality and consistent high rated support and service.

DALCO’s vision is to provide the best custom tailored technology that enables the most leading scientists and creative brains to conduct research, reach a breakthrough and develop products – from chemistry, ai, medicine and worldwide nutrition – to understand physical phenomena’s and thus to enrich our daily life.

DALCO’s core business is High Performance Computing. Using this know-how it extends into the design, delivery, installation and administration of network-based financial systems as well as consulting services provided by its own industry-certified systems engineers.

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Intelligent Health


DDN is the world’s leading data-at-scale supplier focused on AI, analytics, and big data. For more than 20 years, DDN has delivered scalable data management storage solutions which consistently meet and exceed the most demanding workloads and uptimes of organizations, Sequencing centers, biomedical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies, who value the data at the core of their research, leverage DDN to effectively capture and exploit large-scale data at-speed in traditional and machine learning workflows in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

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Intelligent Health


Caresyntax utilizes its proprietary, best-of-class workflow automation and data warehousing platforms to design software applications that support surgical vendors, healthcare improvement companies and caregivers in identifying and managing risk, automating workflows, enhancing knowledge sharing, and reducing surgical variability. Converging IoT technology and surgical analytics, the caresyntax platform is used in more than 6,300 operating rooms worldwide, transforming unstructured clinical and operational data into actionable, real-time insights. Clinical teams, as a result, enhance clinical performance, control surgical variation, and improve patient outcomes. The company was founded in 2013 in Berlin and currently headquartered in Boston. Its team of 115 people is located in Boston, Berlin, and other regional offices.

Intelligent Health


The doc.ai vision is to build the most impactful AI platform in the world to deliver products and services that close the healthcare data loop to expand access, create new and better ‘medicine’, decrease costs and improve the health and wellbeing of billions of people around the world.

Intelligent Health


Medable Inc. is a leading provider of innovative clinical trial technologies that provide digitally-enabled and data-driven trials at scale across the globe. Medable is the only global digital-trial platform that connects patients, sites and sponsors- in real time. We are removing silos across the ecosystem by seamlessly harmonizing data and enabling intelligent workflows that eliminate stagnate data and drive trials forward. Our platform offers the first global Trial-Fit™ Telemedicine solution that integrates eCOA, ePRO, eConsent, Connected Devices, mHealth, virtual visits and other technologies to help increase patient retention and enrollment. Our mission is to help bring therapies to patients radically faster.


Intelligent Health


SkinVision helps with early assessment of suspicious skin spots through skin monitoring. Users can use their smartphone to take a photo of the skin spot and receive a risk indication within 30 seconds noting whether the photo has similarities to signs that appear in the most common types of skin cancer. SkinVision supports users with a recommendation on whether to visit a health care professional or not. The machine-learning algorithm was developed by mathematicians and dermatologists and builds on the experience from assessing over a million photos. Our mission is to save more than 250,000 lives in the next decade.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


Vision meets reality – that’s our claim! SCS is a customer-oriented soft- & electronic hardware service provider for academic and industry partners. Our engineering services cover a broad spectrum including control platforms (cockpits) and database applications (streaming), sensor technology and high performance computing, security (blockchain), real-time (big) data engineering using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Our customers are in communication, medical, health, automotive, transportation, communication, media, rescue organizations and energy.

Intelligent Health


As a pioneer in healthcare, Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896. Today, Roche is leveraging the unprecedented convergence of medical knowledge, technology and data science to spearhead the next generation of healthcare. We are bringing together a unique understanding of human biology with new ways to analyse health data and are solidly equipped to drive personalised healthcare to improve outcomes that matter to patients. Our vision is to ensure that the screening, diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of diseases will more quickly and effectively transform the lives of people everywhere.

Intelligent Health


Infermedica tackles the problem of unnecessary medical care and waste, providing insurance companies, hospitals, and health systems with a set of advanced preliminary diagnosis and triage tools. The company’s products include Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, and Medical API, which are available in over 13 languages.


Founded in 2012 by a team of engineers, data scientists, and physicians, Infermedica develops the AI engine to collect intake, check symptoms, and guide patients to the right care. “The broader goal is to improve customers’ performance, increase healthcare accessibility, and reduce costs,” says Piotr Orzechowski, Infermedica’s CEO.


Infermedica works in a B2B model and supports over 30 leading healthcare organizations worldwide, including Allianz Partners, Taipei Medical University Hospital, and Everyday Health.


To learn more, visit infermedica.com and check showcase application Symptomate, available both for mobile and web on symptomate.com.

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Intelligent Health


AlpVision SA based in Vevey, Switzerland, is a leading supplier of digital authentication solutions for brand protection. AlpVision is the inventor of the Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint™ technology, both solutions being used worldwide to protect brands. Today, billions of products are protected with AlpVision solutions throughout the world.

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Intelligent Health


MedTrix is a global Medical Communication agency, bringing together a unique matrix of science, technology and strategy offering innovative, cost-effective and impactful solutions that are delivered to meet the commercial objectives of top pharmaceutical & healthcare organizations.

They have offices in Bangalore, Dubai, Singapore, Basel & New Jersey.

MedTrix is one among the few medical agencies in the world which utilises the full potential of immersive technology and AI based solutions for HCP and Patient engagement.

Its talent pool include , UX/UI developers, graphic designers, project managers, 3D animators, medical illustrators, medical writers, instructional designers & software developers

Intelligent Health


At LifePlus , an early-stage startup based in silicon valley, a team of world-class researchers, academicians and technologists in the fields of opto-physics, analytical chemistry, engineering, signal processing and computer science, along with a global group of clinicians, have been developing world’s first completely non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring wearable solution, LifeLeaf. The product continuously measures multiple physiological parameters, such as, blood-glucose, heart rate, respiration rate, blood-pressure, and oxygen saturation, and aims to monitor the risk profiles for allied chronic conditions. LifePlus introduces a unique health data signature from daily-life settings that is non-invasive, inexpensive and easy-accessible, through its proprietary technology.

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Intelligent Health


Our mission is to develop and promote New Health & Wellness Therapies and Technologies based on Quantum Physics,  Biofeedback & Bioresonance, helping Individuals, Businesses and Communities to develop their full “creative” and “unique” potential through Preventive & Regenerative Health Care.

BioQuantique integrates ultra-sophisticated tools based on Artificial Intelligence with therapies that are holistic, personalized, safe, efficient, painless, drug-free and without side-effects. By combining the traditional approaches with the most modern technology, BioQuantique opens the door to a new form of medicine, the “Quantum Medicine” adapted to the 21st century!

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


Unit8 – We’re a team of engineers, data scientists and executives who have helped the world’s largest companies solve their AI and Big Data challenges. Based in Switzerland, but training around the world, we bring decades of combined industry experience in artificial intelligence, consulting data science, software engineering and system architecture. Unit8 operates under a set of simple, yet powerful beliefs. We value purpose and profit equally; we always put our customers first; and we emphasize the team over the individual.

We’re rethinking digital services from the ground up.

Digital solutions shouldn’t be a locked black box; with unlimited powers that only a privileged few can unlock #futureisnow

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Intelligent Health


Medicus is an AI-based platform that explains and interprets medical reports and health data, turning numbers into meaningful insights.

Medicus works with healthcare companies to deliver smart features & insights to both doctors – in terms of smart testing & diagnosis support – and to patients in the form of visual & interactive reports, powering continuous healthcare & coaching across all digital platforms.

Medicus is based in Vienna with offices in Berlin, Paris & Beirut.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


At theator we’re building a SaaS platform to provide surgeons with AI-powered decision support tools. We help surgeons become the best version of themselves by leveraging machine learning and computer-vision to identify, optimize and scale dissemination of best practices. Our long-term vision is to enhance surgeon performance in real time and create the cognitive base that enables future autonomous surgical robotic platforms. Theator’s first product, Minutes, is a highlight reel and analytics tool providing intelligently edited versions of surgical procedures. These are presented to surgeons in a palatable and actionable form in order to help prepare and debrief, quickly and efficiently, using AI-powered algorithmic insights.

Intelligent Health


Causaly Inc. is developing the world’s biggest data platform for cause and effect evidence in Biomedicine using AI Machine-reading technology. The technology is self-developed and proprietary, powering a massive Biomedical Causal Knowledge Graph. It helps researchers and decision-makers to discover insights from 25,000,000 academic publications, in minutes. Causaly is used by Pharmaceutical companies and Academia in Research and Commercial departments, for Drug Discovery and Drug Safety.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


OWKIN works to augment medical and biology research. We believe that by combining large amounts  of medical data with our advanced machine learning technologies, we can better understand diseases  and heterogeneity of treatment effects. This will be the cornerstone of modern data-driven approaches  to precise drug development and discovery.

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Intelligent Health


Optina’s Retinal Deep Phenotyping platform addresses the major challenges faced by the healthcare system related to an aging population.
Recently, Optina was granted breakthrough device designation by the FDA for our first indication in Alzheimer’s Disease detection which enables a dramatic improvement in the diagnostic accuracy of dementia.
Our ecosystem comprised of a proprietary platform and a network of eye clinics creates a new and efficient means for simple patient stratification. The ecosystem allows for the collection of data rich retinal images with 30X more information than current retinal imaging platforms.
Algorithm development utilizes a ground truth that is based on specifically characterized patients from leading institutions around the world.
With our developing product pipeline, Optina continues to bring clarity and accessibility to early stage diagnosis, improving the life of millions.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


ARTIDIS AG has developed first ever point-of-care nanomechanical biomarker for rapid diagnosing cancer and is applying its technology platform of precise tissue measurement in combination with advanced data analytics to personalize diagnosis and treatment results. Up to date, ARTIDIS technology is being validated using eStudy platform on more than 500 breast tumor patients at the University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland. eStudy is a centralized information study solution for on-site digitization of structured clinical data, coordination of multiple trial processes in real time, easy retrieval of information for integrative diagnosis and powerful analytics.

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Intelligent Health


StethoMe® is an AI company focussed on the world of healthcare and telemedicine. The StethoMe® wireless electronic stethoscope is a precise medical device intended for performing auscultation of the respiratory system and heart. The recorded auscultation sounds are analysed by the AI algorithms. The patient is informed if the device registered any abnormal sounds. The results are sent to the physician’s audiovisual dashboard, which enables an advanced analysis of sounds and recordings with significant support of artificial intelligence. The device and AI algorithms have been certified in the EU as a class 2a medical device (CE2274).

Come and meet us at our stand A10

Intelligent Health


Amalfi Analytics is an spinoff of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, thet offers a complete and accurate visualization tool for clinical management decision making. With powerful Machine Learning algorithms, our products generate prospective analyses to predict and anticipate events.

The modules  combined according to the needs of analysis, both at territorial and healthcare center levels for:

–          Discovery of patterns of patient health problems.

–          Analysis of population mobility in a territory and use of resources.

–          Analysis of temporal evolution of patients in the form of trajectories.

–          Reduction of waiting times in emergencies.

–          Income and readmission risks.

–          Absenteeism prediction.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


Binah.ai’s ready-to-use, AI-powered Digital Healthcare applications address the challenges of remote, contactless health and wellness monitoring. Its groundbreaking, video-based vital signs monitoring solution removes the need for wearables and enhance telemedicine, remote patience monitoring and preventive medicine services. Binah.ai’s AI-based, unique technological mix transforms any camera on any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.) into a medical-grade monitoring solution. Binah.ai’s heart rate variability (HRV) measurements offer the basis for a wide range of body measurements such as: blood pressure, temperature, mental stress level, alcohol blood level and more.  Binah.ai’s solutions are available as an SDK or an end-to-end white label application.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


Botkin.AI implements own-patented technology to create a digital model of patient using all available data: structured data from electronic health records, unstructured data from any medical records and medical images. This approach allows to have state-of-the-art results of company’s algorithms, confirmed by scientific publications. The Botkin.AI platform core goals are as follows: detection of oncology in the early stages and prioritization of the patients’ flow.

The company provides the own-developed DICOM viewer as a part of the product. Botkin.AI might be integrated into any type of PACS/Central Archive of Medical Images as a SaaS solution or as a part of closed infrastructure of a medical institution. The company is ready to provide customizable integration options to fit the needs of a particular customer.

Another innovative tool is a “hybrid intelligence” technology, which creates an opportunity to combine AI platform’s sensitivity and specificity of a skilled radiologist.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


KEEN EYE is a health tech company developing innovative artificial intelligence technologies for Life Sciences. Our goal is to support drug discovery and diagnostics in all therapeutics areas by putting the power of AI in the hands of medical professionals. KEEN EYE allows doctors and biologists to reproduce and extend their visual expertise, notably by identifying signals with high predictive value that are yet difficult to detect by eye. They save valuable time in day-to-day decision-making, whether it is to diagnose, screen disease, or evaluate the effectiveness of a drug, in a more precise and standardized way.

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


CyberChainAI is an artificial intelligence company working on fitness analytics solution. The company is currently working on integrating IoT and AI technologies to provide customized workout plans and diet recommendations based on lifestyle.
With a personalized dashboard users can  monitor their progress and get real time recommendations.

Come and meet us at our stand A10

Intelligent Health


Intrepida is a health tech company looking to apply the latest in AI and computing to help foster a paradigm shift in patient recruitment. We believe patients are not well connected to clinical trials, and lack control of their own involvement because of the exclusionary jargon and the opaque process of trial recruitment.

Our solution is to provide an AI-based tool to facilitate patient outreach by simplifying and democratizing clinical trial information. We believe this will allow for greater transparency, more effective recruitment, and improved clinical trial outcomes for all. Come visit us at our booth to learn more.

Come and meet us at our stand A10

Intelligent Health


Curo-Health headquarter is in Basel-area, Switzerland and is the license holder for Holmusk products in Europe. Curo-Health is executing projects to increase efficiency in health care. We focus on delivering patient relevant outcomes – based on evidence and data – at lower costs. Our goal is to transform todays health care model into a Value Based Care ecosystem. Our activities span across Europe and Asia

Come and meet us at our stand B40

Intelligent Health


Holmusk is a data science and digital health company dedicated to addressing how the world confronts chronic disease. Its mission is to build the world’s largest real-world evidence (RWE) platform for mental health and establish data as a core utility in healthcare. Holmusk’s RWE platform provides the capacity for great changes in the provision of care and research into new treatments through machine learning, deep learning and digital tools. Holmusk’s proprietary modelling platform leverages scientific research and digital healthcare data to inform predictive algorithms and provide actionable insights for personalized medicine. Its innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital behaviour change programs are designed to nudge people towards better health.

Holmusk has been selected as a 2019 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

Come and meet us at our stand B40

Intelligent Health


AIRA Matrix provides Artificial Intelligence applications for preclinical and clinical pathology. The company’s decision-support solutions help improve workflow efficiency and increase diagnostic accuracy in research labs, drug discovery studies, and clinics. Offerings from the company’s deep learning platform AIRAVAT include:

  • Self-learning tools for routine detection and annotation tasks
  •  Pre-built deep learning based feature identification Applications
  • Workflow efficiency solutions for histomorphometry, tissue triage, grading and inferencing
  • Ready networks for easy DIY deep learning for the pathologist

The platform is vendor-neutral, supports collaboration across teams and can be easily integrated with other digital laboratory solutions.

Come and meet us at our stand B40

Intelligent Health


Medicines cure. However sometimes inaccurate medications can hurt us. Partly because we all react differently to medicines.

ExactCure is a pioneer startup offering a software solution to reduce the impact of inaccurate medications.

Our Digital Twin simulates the efficacy and interactions of medicines in the body of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics. We help the patient to avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. Through his app, he can share his simulations with health professionals.

Within a few years we will all wonder : how could we possibly monitor our medications before ExactCure ?

Come and meet us at our stand B20

Intelligent Health


A Quality commitment in support of clinical accuracy

The future of our advance technology starts with a history of innovation. Since 2003, we have been developing diagnostic cardiology advances to help clinicians improve healthcare delivery.

For over a decade, Cardio-Phoenix has been dedicated to the development of accurate, affordable cardiac testing tools for the detection of a broader range of common heart diseases.

Thanks to our investment in fundamental research on heart bio-signal over the last 12 years, and our ongoing support for the efforts of selected cardiology research teams in both Europe and North America, we have developed unique, evidence-based, analysis algorithms and a risk assessment assistance system for physicians to assist them to better determine cardiac status, and establish a baseline for patient heart health.

Today our portfolio of diagnostic algorithms support clinical accuracy and advanced analysis that may lead to more confident diagnoses and better outcomes for diverse, universal, patient population in the physician’s office.

Innovation that is universally applicable.



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