WORKSHOP 5: Artificial intelligence and digital health – an international platform to enable action - Intelligent Health
Written by inspiredmindsadm

During this 2 ½ hour consultation, convened by Ambassador Amandeep Singh Gill, Former Executive Director, UNSG High Level Panel on Digital Corporation, Fondation Botnar and the Novartis Foundation, we will come together to “ideate” on a number of key issues  –  defining key terms and goals for digital health; outlining the critical financial, human resource and technical challenges to the global spread of digital and AI enablers for health; distilling priorities for research and evaluation; and listing cross- border gaps in governance, benchmarks and standards which would need to be addressed urgently so that AI and data can be deployed safely and securely for health. The results of this consultation will feed into the development of a new international collaboration on AI and health.


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