PANEL DISCUSSION: Addressing social determinants for health using AI - Intelligent Health
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The social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that influence individual and group differences in health status. They are the health promoting factors found in one’s living and working conditions (such as the distribution of income, wealth, influence, and power), rather than individual risk factors (such as behavioural risk factors or genetics) that influence the risk for a disease, or vulnerability to disease or injury. The distributions of social determinants are often shaped by public policies. The World Health Organization says, “This unequal distribution of health-damaging experiences is not in any sense a ‘natural’ phenomenon but is the result of a toxic combination of poor social policies, unfair economic arrangements [where the already well-off and healthy become even richer and the poor who are already more likely to be become even poorer], and bad politics.’’

AI has the potential to improve health. Like all technologies it can do good and causes harm. States have a hugely important role in creating the enabling landscape. Some changes may sit outside the scope. 

Dr. Alexander Finlayson,GP and Co-Founder, Nye, and Doll Fellow, Oxford University

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