Novartis Foundation Report - Intelligent Health Invest in Canada | Intelligent Health AI | September 2020 | Online

The Novartis Foundation


Reimagining Global Health through Artificial Intelligence:

A Roadmap to AI Maturity


Digital and AI technology offer an unprecedented opportunity to transform health systems from being reactive to preventative and even predictive. The Working Group on Digital and AI in Health is tasked with generating knowledge about how these technologies can advance health and care globally. The working group’s comprehensive landscape review identified actionable recommendations for how governments and other stakeholders can create the ecosystem necessary to achieve mature integration of AI in health.

The objective of this report, Reimagining Global Health through Artificial Intelligence: A Roadmap to AI Maturity, is to generate ḱnowledge on the challenges, lessons learned, and best practices for AI solutions in health, and to provide actionable recommendations


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The Novartis Foundation strives for a transformational and sustainable impact on the health of low-income populations. In recent years, we reached over 30 million people with innovative healthcare delivery models. By measuring individual health outcomes and population health impact, we generate evidence to translate the successful models into health policy. In 2019, the Novartis Foundation sharpened its focus to concentrate fully on how data, digital technology and AI can improve population health around the world, and transform health and care systems from being reactive to becoming proactive and even predictive.