What is the Clinect Challenge?

Clinect Challenge is an open, collaborative set of projects addressing real-life digital health challenges.

Groups of vendors and project champions will work together over a six – month period on a rapid-fire proof of concept project with the goal of presenting the theoretical outcome at Intelligent Health 2019 – The World’s Leading AI in Medicine Summit.

The mission?

To tackle some of the world’s greatest medical challenges in areas from oncology to diabetes, mental health to surgery, self-care to patient privacy and data management in collaboration with world leaders in artificial intelligence.



How can it help you?

  • Finding investment
  • Securing pilots for your project within a healthcare system
  • Tech support
  • Finding a cofounder
  • Business advice
  • Health system navigation
  • And more +

What can the Clinect Challenge do for you?

  • Profile yourself, your team and your project or business
  • Find expertise: Whatever your challenge is, it’s likely that someone else has been through it, and almost certain someone has expertise that can help. Find them through Clinect
  • Connect with people who can help you and who you can help

What kind of problems are we looking for?

Any digital project which directly impacts health. Examples include:

  • Innovation in patient intervention through a Health App.
  • AI analytics across your patient data sets in electronic health records
  • Robotics in surgery
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Innovation in clinical research

To be accepted your project must be focused on healthcare and at least one member of the leadership team should ideally be a clinician.

Challenge requirements

  • Once a challenge has been accepted, the project Champion would be required to contribute 1 hour per month via telephone call with the rest of the Challenge group to provide the healthcare professionals’ perspective throughout the project.
  • The Challenge group will be made up of three to five vendors who will all agree to work collaboratively. The monthly project calls will be hosted by Health Foundry.
  • Each Challenge group will be given a demonstration pod within the Clinect Challenge zone and the opportunity to meet with senior healthcare, education and technology delegates from around the globe.





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