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Develop a device to provide rapid on-site cytology for bronchoscopy specimens to aid the tissue diagnosis of lung cancer.

Bronchoscopy is a common technique used to obtain tissue diagnosis of lung cancer, which is crucial to plan further treatment. However, during the procedure the operator cannot confirm whether his samples are adequate or representative enough to give him a diagnosis. The results are available after 5-7 days when the pathologists have processed the sample. If the results are inadequate then the clinician must repeat bronchoscopy or other invasive tests are performed which delays the time-to-treatment. Rapid on site cytology is a technique of assessing the samples during the bronchoscopy to guide whether they are adequate or whether further sampling is necessary. However the training of a medical doctor in assessing pathological samples is a limiting factor for widespread and routine use of this technique.

Proposed Solution- develop a device and train it to assess cytology samples through artificial intelligence, then it may provide rapid on site cytology results. This device could increase diagnostic yield of bronchoscopy, reduce lung cancer diagnosis time and avoid repeated invasive procedures.








Dr Suman Paul

Senior Clinical Fellow in Respiratory Medicine

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Suman Paul (MBBS, MD, MRCP) is a graduate of Medical College, Kolkata, India. Subsequently he completed post graduate training in pulmonary medicine (MD) with special interest in interventional pulmonology and critical care. He was selected for Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Scheme organised by Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, UK in 2015 and he worked as a respiratory registrar in various NHS Trusts. Currently he is pursuing higher specialty training in respiratory and general medicine in Merseyside region.


Dr Paul has continued to gain skills related to interventional pulmonology like bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound, endobronchial stent, thoracoscopy, lung volume reduction coils and endobronchial valves. He has keen interest in clinical research and had published scientific articles in medical journals and presented his research findings in National and International conferences. He is a member of professional societies including European Respiratory Society, British Thoracic Society and Indian Chest Society. He was awarded the prestigious “European Respiratory Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine” by European Respiratory Society in 2015 as a proof of excellence in the field of respiratory medicine.


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