Clinect Challenge 1 - Intelligent Health Clinect Challenge 1 - Intelligent Health


Live dash for capacity management in outpatient clinics taking info from multiple sources

It can be very difficult for services to manage capacity. Referral rates often vary and hospitals often end up with bottle necks, for example, it might be possible to book new patients in quickly but then there’s a wait for test results, or the results are accessible but there is a wait for treatment.

Commissioners are often most interested in new patient wait times, but being able to track things across a whole treatment pathway would be much more useful to patients.

The first part of this challenge would be to create a software platform that allows relevant data to be entered that creates a model of the pathway and identified bottleneck and resource requirements to keep things flowing. This is likely a mix of clinical scenario identification, mathematical modelling, and software engineering.

The second part of the challenge is that the raw data that would go into the modelling process is typically held on several systems in several organisations. Developing the platform to a point where it self populates would be a massive benefit to service managers. Adding in features that help them allocate resources would be even better.


Dr Iain Loughran

Extended Scope Physiotherapist

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Iain Loughran is a physiotherapist in a specialist musculoskeletal service in the North East of England. In addition to clinical practice he is interested in the use of artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes in musculoskeletal conditions.