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WORKSHOP 5: Artificial intelligence and digital health – an international platform to enable action

During this 2 ½ hour consultation, convened by Ambassador Amandeep Singh Gill, Former Executive Director, UNSG High Level Panel on Digital Corporation, Fondation Botnar and the Novartis Foundation, we will come together to “ideate” on a number of key issues  –  defining key terms and goals for digital health; outlining the critical financial, human resource […]

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WORKSHOP 4: Data and AI Commons for Health

As we progress towards understanding how AI can be used to accelerate understanding and solving some of the world’s greatest healthcare problems, various efforts are ongoing globally to disseminate and scale our common knowledge in this space. The need for shared data and collective effort to build replicable AI models is growing.  There are now […]

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WORKSHOP 6: Artificial intelligence and health – Advancing the UNSG High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation’s Call to Action

In June of 2019, the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel called for incorporating digital health into existing approaches to digital connectivity. Moving from recommendation to action requires that the scientific and health communities from public and private sectors come together to identify some of the fundamental challenges facing the field and how they could be addressed […]

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