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TECH TALK 14: AI in dermatology

How can we use AI to make accurate diagnosis and be implemented in Tanzania

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WORKSHOP 3: A new way to predict epidemics: the EPI-BRAIN initiative

The EPI-BRAIN Initiative is a global data ecosystem that supports data science innovation for outbreak preparedness and response. EPI-BRAIN will enable greater exchange of data, analytics, and methodologies between countries, researchers, non-governmental, and private sector entities. EPI-BRAIN will inform strategies and decision making for outbreak preparedness and response globally. This workshop will engage participants in […]

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TECH TALK 6: AI in medical technology

CERN Knowledge Transfer: from fundamental research to MedTech

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TECH TALK 9: AI in primary health care

Developing an AI-based decision support system for the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in primary health care.

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TECH TALK 8: Machine learning to fight infectious disease

Maps and Apps: Accelerating disease elimination with data science and technology

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USE CASE 8: AI in drug development

Machine learning for large scale compound activity screening and toxicity prediction

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