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Date selected: June 2019

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Vision meets reality – ICU-Cockpit: next generation patient monitoring platform

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KEYNOTE USE CASE 5: AI in rare diseases & personalised medicines

A novel approach to defining predictive biomarkers from health records at population scale.

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The evolving narrative: FDA approval of AI driven devices – how do you regulate a device that uses a self-improving algorithm? (remote presentation)

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WORKSHOP 2: How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the medical landscape in Canada

Possessing North America’s first all-digital hospital and a Turing Award-winning AI ecosystem, this workshop will examine Canada’s pioneering intelligent healthcare sector.   We will investigate topics such as how Canada is streamlining the drug discovery process. How AI can speed up the patient’s experience in the Emergency Room. We will also discuss how we are […]

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WORKSHOP 1: Emerging use cases for AI in global health

Join the Novartis Foundation and partners to explore how AI can transform individual care, health system performance, population care and even R&D in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries. Together, we will explore questions such as: How can AI transform individual care in LMIC? How can AI transform health system performance and processes in LMIC? How […]

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PANEL DISCUSSION: PATIENT EMPOWERMENT AI for authentic engagement – the voice of the patients in improving AI driven healthcare

What are the current ideas, expectations and concerns from patients and caregivers? How can patients be empowered? How can we plan digital services for populations but keep in mind the personalised patient journey?

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